Engage With Grace – Again

November 24, 2010

I was part of the Engage with Grace blog rally last year and I’m excited to participate again.

Engage With Grace is a movement designed to help advance the conversation about the end-of-life experience.  It began with a simple idea:  Create a tool to get people talking.  Their tool is a slide with five questions designed to initiate dialog about our end-of-life preferences.

What I like about this campaign is that it’s forcing me again to take stock of how I discuss the big picture with my family.  For me life moves kind of fast and its nice to have markers throughout the year that force you stop and think.  Thanksgiving is a good time for that.

If you’re not convinced, listen to Za’s story.  It details Alexandra’s heartbreaking journey with her sister-in-law that lead her to found Engage With Grace.  But don’t watch without a box of tissues.

Their one slide concept and leverage of social channels is a great example for non-profits and other organizations looking to package their messaging.

Engage With Grace is worth a peek.  And Happy Thanksgiving.


Jackie Fox November 24, 2010 at 7:49 am

Great post. This is such an important discussion to have and we’re all so afraid of it. My husband and I have addressed it but we are close to someone who really should be dealing with it but is steadfast in their denial.

And I understand the urge to create a grassroots movement by attaching a date to the end of life discussion, but my feelings on bringing this up at Thanksgiving are mixed. I realize there’s an art to that, you can’t just say “Pass the potatoes and by the way, what would you like us to do when you’re terminal?” But I fear making someone feel ambushed. I think you need to be alert to the time and place when they seem open to it.

But I’m glad you blogged about it and are spreading the word. And I wish you the happiest of Thanksgivings.

Lisa Fields November 24, 2010 at 8:04 am

Dr. V.,
Once again you gave a short blog entry that made a difference in my life.
This Friday after Thanksgiving is the National Day of Listening with NPR:
Having the tough conversations is never easy but perhaps somehow Engage with Grace might be another wonderful way to join forces for an important collaboration perhaps next year.

I design slide decks. I was so moved by this story I would be honored and happy to be a member of a team and/or design a slide. I know we are able to focus and are moved by images on slides so I would advocate to add more than one slide to make the design clean so people could stop and really spend time concentrating on teach of those questions. I sounds as if they are advocating for only one slide and if this is their wish I understand and would honor their desire.

I think/believe Alexandra’s story would be perfect for TED: Ideas worth spreading. I bet you already know this but TED also a program specifically designed for Medicine. She is a natural storytelling but her grace, composure, and clear message were remarkable and made the story stronger. To tell such a hardbreaking story and remain so strong, clear and guiding us with her vision was/is remarkable.

So, if you have connections that can help me make contact I would be greatful but if not I’ll move my fingers on my Macbook Pro and go to work.

I wish for you and your family the best Thanksgiving you’ve ever experienced.

Peace be with you,


Annie Stith November 24, 2010 at 8:24 am

Hey, Dr. V!

Happiest of holiday seasons to you!

I just wanted to remind people who don’t have family (or are separated from them for one reason or another) that some Personal Health Records (PHR’s) also have a place for you to spell out this information.


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