Book Notes: Do the Work from The Domino Project


The latest book from Amazons Domino Project is Do the Work by Steven Pressfield.  It’s occupied with the resistance, or the force that keeps the creative from creating.  This book will help you understand this force that is constantly acting against you and offer a mindset for keeping it at bay (you can’t avoid the resistance, only manage it).

This book echoes the concept of Godin’s Linchpin and Poke the Box.  In fact, I can smell his invisible editorial influence.  I might suggest that the message could have been delivered in a few thousand words.  Either way, Do the Work will empower you to get it done.  Read it if you make things.

I like the minimalist, free will motivation vibe coming from The Domino Project but I’m interested to see what they have in the works.  I’m not sure a one genre publishing operation is sustainable.