How to Deliver a Focused Health Message


This Seattle Mama Doc 101 video by Wendy Swanson as been floating around Google+ over the past couple of days.  Of course, YouTube is a great way to reach folks.  What caught my attention is how it’s done here.

  • It makes a promise. Wendy’s pediatrics in a minute clips make a promise not to eat our time. It recognizes that we have limited bandwidth.  Most of us can commit to a minute or two.
  • It’s focused.  It doesn’t try to be too much.  It’s just sun safety in babies. And the key points are bulleted in the video’s open space.
  • It brings energy. There’s an element of excitement and enthusiasm that keeps me hooked.

Those who package health information for the masses can take a lesson from Wendy:  Keep it short, focused and deliver it like you care.

And maybe that’s a lesson that translates beyond video.