Engage with Grace – Again and Again


This is my 3rd year participating in The Engage with Grace Blog Rally.  Engage With Grace is a movement designed to help advance the conversation about the end-of-life experience.  It began with a simple idea:  Create a tool to get people talking.  Their tool is a slide with five questions designed to initiate dialog about our end-of-life preferences.  I originally heard about Engage with Grace from Paul Levy and he’s at it again this year.

This campaign has forced me to take stock of how I discuss the big picture with my family.  For me life moves kind of fast and its nice to have markers throughout the year that force you stop and think.  Thanksgiving is a good time for that.

If you’re not convinced, listen to Za’s story.  It details Alexandra’s heartbreaking journey with her sister-in-law that lead her to found Engage With Grace.  Grab a hankie for this one.

The one slide concept and leverage of social channels is a great example for non-profits or anyone looking to package their messaging.

Engage With Grace is worth a peek.  And Happy Thanksgiving.