The Creative Destruction of Medicine Reviews


If you haven’t read the Creative Destruction of Medicine by Eric Topol you need to take a peek.  As I mentioned in my initial thoughts here on this blog, I consider this one of the most important books of our generation.  Since its release in late January, The Creative Destruction of Medicine has enjoyed some brilliant reviews.  I’m launching this post as a dynamic, ongoing list of reviews as they come available.  If you see one that isn’t on the list, message me on Twitter or leave a comment below with a link and I’ll add it.  Better yet, write your own review or copy this list to your blog.

The Wall Street Journal

New York Times

The Economist

The Atlantic 

The Boston Globe



New Scientist



Mobihealth News – Best title of the bunch: “How Medicine Will be Topol’d”



33 charts

The Healthcare Blog

Nature Genetics (behind the wall)

HL7 Standards

Library Journal

Modern Medicine Ireland

ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology)


Med Device Daily

Tech Crunch

Eu Observer

Scientific American excerpt

Gizmodo excerpt

The Doctor Weighs In – The Kent Bottles Blog

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