4 Things Every Speaker Owes their Audience


It’s a pretty regularly that I listen to other speakers.  And more often than not I’m frustrated with what I get when I offer my undivided attention to someone.  If I give up an hour of my time, here’s what I’d like in return:

Tell me something new.  Tell me a story and deliver information that I’m unlikely to get anywhere else.  Pull me in and take me along.  Keep me captivated.

Don’t read from a script.  If you are reading from your notes you either don’t know what you’re talking about or you haven’t prepared.

Don’t read from your slides.  Your slides shouldn’t be what you say but should accent what you say.  Use as few as humanly possible and share as little information as you can to make your point.

Speak from your heart.  If you don’t know what this means then perhaps you should give the mike to someone who does.

And in the end, don’t waste my time.

I think I’ll print these points and hang them over my desk.  It’s what I owe those generous enough to offer me their attention.