Chrome and Evernote Clearly – A Killer Combination


Chrome and Evernote’s Clearly have become a killer combination for me over the past few months.  Clearly is Evernote’s Chrome app that takes a web page and clears away everything but the content thus creating a beautiful reading experience.  The application allows one touch scouring and import (control+command+up arrow) to Evernote for later reading or reference.

The Evernote Clearly button installs nicely next to Chrome’s address bar.

So I browse, find what I like, hit one button sequence and the core content is clipped cleanly in Evernote.  In addition to having the searchable content in Evernote, the page address is imported should I want to refer to the original page.  The tool allows for auto tagging but I prefer to do this manually.

Chrome and Clearly are core elements of my browsing/bookmarking/archiving workflow.  It’s created an effortless way to instantly capture content for later reference.

While there are other applications like Instapaper that do a beautiful job of cleaning and saving copy, I use Clearly since Chrome is my preferred browser and Evernote is my core repository for everything.

There’s also the Evernote web clipper that allows clipping of pieces of sites or snapshots of pages.