Powerful American Voices – Aligned for Health


kasier_eventlogo.jpgThis week Kaiser Permanente is initiating a new conversation about health.  American Voices – Aligned for Health is a panel discussion and event centered on the social discussions happening around health.  It seems that physicians, policymakers, and the media talk about health, but the nature of their conversations are entirely different.

Kaiser Permanente is expected to release some compelling data freshly mined from leading social platforms.  Among other things they’ve analyzed 3,200 physicians and their 2.3 millions tweets.  If that weren’t enough, they’ve analyzed every shred of linked content – over 200,000 posts, articles and other bits of scattered web debris.  I understand the guests will offered oxygen by nasal cannula.

KP has done this by partnering with the wonderkinds at Austin’s WCG to leverage their high octane social listening tools.  KP/WCG.  This is a power combination.

It’s goin’ down over at the Center for Total Health in Washington DC around 1 EST on Tuesday.  If you’re in DC it’s open to the public.  You can register as long as seats remain available.  You can follow in nearly real-time with #AVA4H or watch the webcast live.

I’ll look for the data on Tuesday and try to put an angle on it.