Build It and They Won’t Necessarily Come


iStock_000017777386MediumJust because you create something doesn’t mean that anyone will look at it.

I taught at in an educator certificate program at Baylor College of Medicine recently.  We were doing a hands-on drill on digital footprint and reputation management.  When discussing our findings, one of the attendees concluded that just because you post something doesn’t mean someone will read it.  This, of course, created a priceless opportunity for discussion.

Few realize what it takes to successfully deliver a message or idea.  And fewer recognize the level of consistency necessary to establish a platform for the delivery of those ideas.

I’ve seen this over and over.  Doc launches a blog or social property with weakly-conceived, me-too stuff no different from what’s available.  It delivers little so none of it ever sees more than a few human eyeballs.  Doc becomes disillusioned and walks away.

When you commit to writing or recording, it needs to deliver something that helps your reader or viewer.  It’s about value.

Audience of significance is earned and should never be assumed.  And it takes years of consistent stuff to draw even a small following.