Unprofessional Physician Behavior on Twitter

I woke up this morning to a couple of DMs from physicians alerting me to the Twitter thread seen below (tweets read bottom to top).  Is it unprofessional?  Decide for yourself.

Whether you change details or not, the use of the social space at the comical expense of those we’re called to treat is irresponsible.  While the detailed depiction of the patient’s problem is bad enough, the suggestion that you would have somehow ‘fixed’ the situation long before 36 hours is reprehensible.  This is something I’d expect from a frat house, not a treating physician.  Of course this level of dialog could only be sustained by someone hiding conveniently behind the cloak of anonymity.  Case in point for putting your name and maskless face behind everything you say.

Concerning doctors and public dialog, if the crowd doesn’t look after things, someone else will.  But I shouldn’t complain.  This sort of stuff gives me fodder for my next presentation.

What say you?

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