(How) Should Patients be Present at Medical Meetings?

November 18, 2014

After reading Lucien Engelen’s BMJ editorial this past summer, I couldn’t help but think: Should patients be present at all medical meetings? Or better: Is there ever a time and place where doctors should meet without patients? The e-patient voice is critical. But, as important, we must think about where that voice best fits. We must move […]

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Avoid the Social Shakedown

November 12, 2014

If you’ve worked hard to build the trust of your followers, don’t throw it away by pulling everyone into your petty consumer altercations. I’ve seen it many times. Twitters micro-celebs with massive followings shaking down a major organization. It usually goes something like this: Visible social figure has flight mix up at the boarding gate. […]

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Interview: Dr. Justin Smith of Cook Children’s Hospital

November 10, 2014

In this interview, Dr Justin Smith from Cook Children’s Hospital discusses his new role in marketing and communication.  His position represents an new role for physicians as health organizations become more connected with the communicating public.  I was able to catch up Dr. Smith during Social Media Week at The Mayo Clinic.  How do you […]

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The Public Physician – #HCSMCa Thoughts

October 29, 2014

It was an honor to co-host the #hcsmca twitter chat this evening.  A huge thank you to Colleen Young for asking me to participate.  What follows are a few thoughts on the topics discussed. How do you map your public presence? When we think about our life online we need to think about where we’re […]

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9 Secrets for Making the Most of Your Doximity Profile

October 28, 2014

33 charts is excited to have Doximity as our featured sponsor this week. Frustratingly, much of what appears about physicians online is out of our control. There are only a few places that give doctors power over their social presence. With nearly 50% of all U.S. physicians as members, Doximity has emerged as the core […]

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Can a Patient Teach Medical School?

October 22, 2014

Of course, according to The Mayo Clinic. They’ve been leading medicine for decades, so why wouldn’t they lead here? Today, The Mayo Clinic announced that e-Patient Dave deBronkart would serve as the 2015 Visiting Professor: Patient engagement and empowerment is a natural extension of Dr. Will Mayo’s vision of a medicine as a cooperative science. […]

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The Public Physician is Public

October 22, 2014

The Public Physician – Practical Wisdom for Life in a Connected, Always-On World, has landed. Here’s the problem I’m trying to fix:  While every doctor with a smartphone can publish their ideas to the world, we are completely unprepared to deal with what this all means.  When it comes to public dialog, most of us […]

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Doctors and the Private-Professional Divide

October 21, 2014

Video and communications expert Drew Keller spoke this afternoon at the 6th Annual Health Care Social Media Summit at the Mayo Clinic. He described the experience of working with doctors and suggested that they have two modes of communication: private and professional. In private, and with patients, they have natural, easy ways of using language, expression, and […]

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Repurposing Content | What’s Old is New Again

October 20, 2014

Those of us who write things for public consumption all face the same challenge: what do we do with it after it’s published? Once something hits the information stream it passes along from public view never to be seen again. But it can be repurposed. Today at The Mayo Clinc Center for Social Media Residency, […]

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Announcing edX Medicine in the Digital Age

October 2, 2014

In 2012, the Medical Futures Lab offered Medicine in the Age of Networked Intelligence, a powerful 50,000 foot view of medicine and its radical disruption.  The course was huge success and drew the attention of the social health community well beyond the confines of Rice University and the Texas Medical Center.  I was thrilled to […]

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