Why I Don’t Like Scoopit Links on Twitter

March 2, 2014

I’m seeing more Scoopit links in my Twitter stream and I’m not crazy about it.  Sure it’s quick and easy to share with Scoopit.  But it not quick and easy to consume. For me it’s all about the economy of my workflow and attention.  Thinking I’m about to read something only to be forced somewhere […]

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Social Media: Managing Expectations with Doctors

March 1, 2014

I frequently speak to doctors about social media and the management of their public presence.  There are 4 listeners who show up to my talks: The doctor who isn’t convinced social media is worth thinking about. The doctor who’s convinced it’s important but wants to know specifically how and where to get started. The doctor […]

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Can Google Help Us Choose Doctors?

February 23, 2014

Anyone involved in medical education should read Thomas Friedman’s, How to Get a Job at Google.  Read the piece and think about what Google could teach us about choosing the next generation of physicians. Google’s criteria are centered on five areas: Cognitive ability.  The ability to process on the fly. Leadership.  Emergent leadership as opposed […]

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LinkedIn as a Publishing Platform for Physicians

February 19, 2014

Today LinkedIn expanded its publishing platform to allow users to create and share long form posts.  Before today, content creation had been a LinkedIn feature limited to a small number of LinkedIn influencers.  The launch of this feature will be limited to 25,000 users and rollout worldwide will take place over the coming two months. […]

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When Hospitals Engage by Megaphone

February 18, 2014

Last fall while teaching at the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media Residency, I sat with an hospital admin who asked me about her facility’s twitter and Facebook feeds.  I told her it was a remarkable coincidence that everything created and shared was about her facility.  She suggested it was because so many remarkable achievements […]

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Why I Schedule Some Tweets

February 17, 2014

A few months ago I signed up for Buffer to experiment with scheduled posts.   Until that time, I had bought into the idea that scheduling a tweet was like sending a mannequin to a cocktail party.  As it turns out, I have found it to be a real help in reaching the people. A […]

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Social Media Mishaps: 3 Steps to Take When You are Misunderstood

February 15, 2014

This week I posted a brief comment on a doctor friend’s social page.  It was a quick thought that, when taken out of context, came across the wrong way.  He got sore and emailed me about it.  I was upset because my relationship with him means a lot to me. It was a misunderstanding.  I […]

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Laughing at ZDoggMD

February 12, 2014

I spend a lot of time addressing physician audiences.  It’s a pretty regular thing that I use Zubin Damania to showcase the individual physician voice.  He provides a great example of creative expression that leverages todays tools to change ideas about health.  He’s a core player in what I like to refer to as medicine’s […]

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The 500 Word Constraint

February 11, 2014

Quartz, one of the web’s fastest growing publications, recently shared that their success stems from understanding that published content must be under 500 or over 800 words.  Otherwise they’re stuff is too long to share and too short to be in-depth. Perhaps they understand that readers now consume in chunks. I’ll second this and add […]

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Doctors and Public Media: Failure is Inevitable

February 10, 2014

I met with some high level educators not long ago and was talking about doctors and their public presence.  As often is the case, the conversation came back to risk and all that can go wrong.  They wanted me to tell them if they did everything right, it would be smooth sailing.  Everything was going […]

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