What Doctors Sell Online


  Not long ago I connected a marketing acquaintance at a national meeting.  He offered to look at my blog and give me some tips.  We sat over coffee and he took me to task for my shortcomings. Where’s your pop up email registration? And … [Continue reading]

Innovation Extinction


Each morning I scroll through Feedly looking at what’s new.  I scan titles and ledes, deleting by the second until I find something transformative.  It's information wackamole. Increasingly, I'm underwhelmed by what I see. Nanosensors are a dime a … [Continue reading]

100,000 Connected Lemmings


Doctors come on to Twitter nearly every day.  Sharing ideas is now simple: Medium and LinkedIn have made ownership of blogs almost obsolete.  We’re all using these tools. But none of it means anything unless you do something with them.  Sure we … [Continue reading]

33 charts Refresh


33c was lookin' a little 2008 so I thought it was time for a refresh.  Same feel but with a little more breathing room for you, the reader. I'm planning to customize 33c further to make it easier on your eyes and minds.  While I try to live by … [Continue reading]

Weekend Medicine

8078665035_bfe17303d5_o (1)

It’s remarkable that hospitals still keep weekend schedules.  On the weekend, things stop.  They don’t stop, but they really do.  ORs operate with emergency staffing.  Routine diagnostic imaging is held until Monday morning. Weekend schedules are … [Continue reading]

33 Shorts | January 16, 2014

A few interesting things from the stream this week: Ignorant teens Most of us were smug enough to believe that we understood teens and their social media after reading this Medium post-gone-viral. danah boyd’s brilliant take shows that teens know … [Continue reading]

33 Shorts | January 12, 2015

A few noteworthy things: Board stiff Doctors are sick and tired of jumping hoops. Organized medicine’s latest mandate is maintenance of certification, or MOC. Consisting of an assortment of oddly creative quality and patient-safety exercises, it … [Continue reading]