Is Social Media Over?

Or is it just part of the background? Cyber-swami Fred Wilson has suggested that ‘the social media phase’ of the internet is over. This is important because so many within my reach continue to proselytize on social tools as the next big thing. And … [Continue reading]



Instead of resolutions in years past I have chosen to identify words that would define my approach to the coming year. This year I have decided to choose one word : Essentialism. This powerful word is the title of a book, Essentialism: The … [Continue reading]

Avoid the Social Shakedown

If you’ve worked hard to build the trust of your followers, don’t throw it away by pulling everyone into your petty consumer altercations. I’ve seen it many times. Twitters micro-celebs with massive followings shaking down a major … [Continue reading]

The Public Physician is Public

The Public Physician - Practical Wisdom for Life in a Connected, Always-On World, has landed. Here's the problem I'm trying to fix:  While every doctor with a smartphone can publish their ideas to the world, we are completely unprepared to deal … [Continue reading]