ZDoggMD Riffs on Dr Oz

August 16, 2014

If you’re the type of person who slows down to peek at accidents, you might want to take a moment to watch ZDoggMD rhythmically eviscerate Mehmet Oz.  The entertainment value of ZDogg’s calculated language is surpassed only by the fact that Oz looks about as uncomfortable as a prostitute in church. Hell hath no fury […]

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Doctors and social media: Damned if you engage, damned if you don’t

August 15, 2014

Hinda Mandell felt creepy after being followed by her OB on Twitter.  Her post on Cognoscenti, Brave New World: Your Doctor, Your Private Parts, Twitter And You, is provocative on a number of levels. Think perverts, not OBs.  It’s funny that the author’s friends and husband are concerned with her OB.  There’s little regard, however, for […]

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Is it a reader’s responsibility to understand?

August 14, 2014

Not long ago I read a blog post and subsequently posted a comment on Twitter.  It seems that I read one thing but the writer of the post had suggested something else.  It lead to a brief back and forth.  Nothing ugly but the publisher was unnerved.  I had simply responded to something that was […]

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We Make Health Fest

August 12, 2014

If you don’t know Joyce Lee, you should.  She’s a curator, design thinker and a firecracker thinker. And she starts things. This weekend she is birthing a brilliant event called the We Make Health Fest.  It’s a maker faire celebration dedicated to health.  Joyce has assembled grassroots makers who embrace the democratization of design.  Centered […]

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Lockstep Medicine

July 10, 2014

In medicine it seems .. We idolize leadership but promote management. We marginalize vision while rewarding process. We worship list makers. We’re trained as responders not initiators. We propagate a culture of permission and seek to breed a generation precisely like the last. We believe that thought leadership and the transmission of ideas happens on […]

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Dr. Google, the Quack

July 7, 2014

For years we believed that Google would bring us the information we need.  Tom Krazit at Gigom suggests that the party may be over.  Search has become so algorithmically corrupt that its hard to understand or believe what we’re getting. The thing that gets me is that we’ve become such informed consumers in so many […]

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Creative Confidence

July 3, 2014

I just finished Creative Confidence - Unleashing the Creative Potential Within All of Us.  Written by Dave and Tom Kelley, founders of IDEO, it represents a critical bit of thinking on creativity. Here’s what you get:  The authors demystify the creative process, represent it as a critical skill for working professionals, and then offer granular steps […]

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Build It and They Won’t Necessarily Come

July 1, 2014

Just because you create something doesn’t mean that anyone will look at it. I taught at in an educator certificate program at Baylor College of Medicine recently.  We were doing a hands-on drill on digital footprint and reputation management.  When discussing our findings, one of the attendees concluded that just because you post something doesn’t […]

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Medicine and The Access Effect

June 18, 2014

I overheard on Twitter last week that there are institutions that don’t allow the use of smart phones by physicians.  It seemed hard to believe. Then it made sense.  Because we’re in transition between siloed and networked worlds. Our siloed world supports encounters with the health system that are isolated, episodic and dependent upon the […]

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Yes, Doctor

June 12, 2014

Not long ago I cared for the child of a family from a distant country.  When I walked in, they stood up.  When I walked out, they stood up.  It was like The People’s Court. They agreed with whatever I said.  Their obsequious nodding whenever I spoke made me feel brilliant.  They treated me as […]

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