Bryan Vartabedian, MD FAAP

Bryan Vartabedian is a pediatric gastroenterologist at Baylor College of Medicine and full-time clinician at Texas Children’s Hospital. He is the Director of Community Medicine for the Division of Gastroenterology & Nutrition where he oversees digestive health service delivery at Texas Children’s two peripheral hospitals.

Dr. Vartabedian is considered one of health care’s influential voices on technology and medicine. He is a regular plenary and keynote speaker in the area of technology and the future of medicine. His insight and thought leadership has made him a sought after advisor in the area of product development for physician applications as well as new media and strategic communications. He has served on the advisory board of Stanford’s Medicine X conference and was recently appointed as a core advisor to Stanford Medicine X | Ed 2015, a meeting designed to rethink the future of medical education. He previously served on the External Advisory Board of the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media and in 2013 was awarded the designation of Platinum Fellow by the Mayo Clinic. Dr Vartabedian currently serves as a founding advisor to the Health Care Track at the SXSW Interactive Festival, one of the world’s leading technology venues. You can find him quoted in outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and CNN.  He has offered commentary on doctors and technology on programs such as CBS This Morning.

One of his most recent projects is the co-creation of The Medical Futures Laboratory, a Rice University-based collaborative for insight and solutions into the problems facing medicine at its intersection with technology. He currently serves as a Visiting Professor at Rice University where he has co-taught Medicine in the Age of Networked Intelligence. In a first of its kind collaboration between Baylor College of Medicine and Rice University, Medicine in the Digital Age was successfully delivered as a MOOC to 10,000 students globally spring of 2015. Dr Vartabedian and collaborator Dr Kirsten Ostherr worked directly with education start-up edX in shaping this novel offering. He initiated and developed Baylor College of Medicine’s Digital Smarts series, the country’s first longitudinal curriculum on the issues facing doctors with technology.

Dr. Vartabedian is passionate about the translation of medical information for public consumption. Before the Internet he cut his teeth on pulp as a freelance writer for magazines such as Parenting and American Baby. Dr. V is currently writing Looking Out for Number Two – A Slightly Irreverent Guide to Poo, Gas and and Other Things That Come Out of Your Baby (HarperWave/HarperCollins 2017). He is the author of Colic Solved – The Essential Guide to Infant Reflux and the Care of Your Screaming, Difficult-to-Soothe Baby (Ballantine/Random House, 2007), First Foods (St. Martin’s Press, 2001), and has contributed to The Lives of a Pediatrician (Kaplan 2010). Dr.Vartabedian has written extensively in the online space since 2006 and currently writes about the intersection of medicine and technology on his blog, 33 charts.

As part of a project to capture early 21st century physician thinking, 33 charts was one of a limited number of blog properties recently selected to be archived in its entirety in the National Library of Medicine.

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